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Why should I ask SMOWL for an online proctoring demo for my institution?



Compared to other systems, SMOWL is the most robust remote proctoring software in the market. SMOWL is totally passive, easy to use and really flexible for the student, and at the same time scalable, reliable and secure for the institution. Additionally, SMOWL is the only remote proctoring solution that is able to provide a continuous assessment proctoring service, adapting to each institutions pedagogical methodology and being able to follow the online user continuously in any kind of activity during the whole course, not just during an exam.

With your online proctoring demo you will be able to see how the SMOWL remote proctoring software uses an automatic face recognition algorithm to verify the identity of the online user and detect incorrect behaviors throughout the whole learning process.

As online education continues to grow, so does the potential for academic dishonesty. SMOWL is playing an important role to ensure that online learning offerings maintain their integrity. By providing secure, flexible and scalable remote proctoring services, SMOWL helps institutions maintain their accreditation and reputation.


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