Proctoring for recruitment

Online supervision that allows you to: 
Assess employees remotely
Certify training
Select new staff

Choose the right option

More and more businesses are improving their workflows and making tasks easier for their workers.

More and more people are limiting face-to-face attendance and opting for work-life balance and accessibility.

More and more people are jumping on the innovation train not to give up their benefits.

More and more clients trust our corporate proctoring

because they want to go far without moving

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What does SMOWL offer to your company?

You can evaluate different processes safely as if it is a face-to-face test.

With a webcam that
confirms the identity

With human control,
if you need it

With additional
layers of security

Remote supervision of training processes

You can review courses and performance evaluations.

Remote supervision of personnel selection and online recruitment processes

Assess the knowledge of new hires.

Remote supervision for online certification processes

Confirm and legitimize skills.

Remote invigilation of document validation processes

Recognize the recipient of confidential information.

Be there without being there

SMOWL is the e-proctoring for companies looking for online test supervision models.

We evaluate the employee in several sectors. These are some of them:
  • Certification required by the National Securities Market Commission – MiFID II (Finance)
  • DGSFP Insurance Certification
  • Certifications required by the National Bank to comply with the Mortgage Law (LCCI)
  • Pilot licensing and certification: Adventia for the State Aviation Safety Agency (AESA)
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"The SMOWL system is based on e-proctoring tracking systems and is a pioneer in the training of commercial aviation pilots. It automatically provides verified tests that certify the entire process of taking the exam thanks to artificial intelligence".

Why trust SMOWL?

With our proctoring for companies, you contribute a lot to your business.

You reduce costs

Because you don't need rooms, travel, or hiring.

You control the quality

Because you have an effective and reliable surveillance tool..

You improve productivity

Because you optimize organization and evaluation times.

You are honest

Because you validate knowledge by guaranteeing identity and integrity.

Corporate proctoring works for you and allows you to


Confirm the employee’s identity during the test.


Check the presence of more than one person and if the user talks or opens applications using browsers or consults notes.


Endorses safe supervision.

SMOWL products

We can explain to you all the varieties and functionalities of each version.

Testimonials from our clients

“With the arrival of the pandemic, Cecabank’s Banking Training School successfully launched an online certification procedure that guarantees the completion of certification exams in similar conditions to face-to-face exams according to the standards required by regulators.”

Paz Navarro

Director of EFB Cecabank

Success stories define us in the business e-proctoring sector

SMOWL was an alternative for Cecabank to comply with the new requirements of the National Securities Market Commission in 2020 during confinement.

After the excellent experience, they continue to carry out online certifications with our software.

What are the advantages of SMOWL for the user?

We strive to do things right.


We guarantee privacy and strictly comply with the GDPR.


We protect user data on AWS servers located in Europe.


We work with slow connections and less internet bandwidth because we capture images instead of videos.


We link proctoring to the training system and design the interface for comfortable use.

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What are the benefits of SMOWL for your business?

We aim to improve your processes.


We extend the licenses to the number of simultaneous users you need, when and where you want.


We reduce the costs compared with traditional supervision.


We add or eliminate security services so you can design a proctoring that suits you.


We incorporate our staff to assist you with technical support and reinforce your monitoring if you wish.


We add or eliminate security services so you can design a proctoring that suits you.


We incorporate our staff to assist you with technical support and reinforce your monitoring if you wish.

"Based on the new trends and developments (Total Learning Architecture), what is important is not the LMS with the most "likes", but if the LMS you use is compatible with xAPI, LTI and the ESCO European Competence Framework standards. In the future, it will make less sense to "change LMS" but implement your learning architecture with state of the art tools for VR, learning analytics and, of course, proctoring. And, by the way, SMOWL is a great proctoring tool."
Roberto del Mastro
CEO of OC Group E-Learning Company

We coach you through implementing the latest digital solutions to leap your company into the digital age

Traditional company

Modern company


Manual processes

Automated processes


Trained employees

Motivated employees


We respect people and their time.
We work to limit in-person attendance to what matters.

We respect the comfort zone.
We work to reach the place where the evaluation is peaceful.

We put technology at your company’s service to promote
learning, communication, and collaboration.

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