Proctoring for exams

Supervise exams online and offer 100% digital training with official certification.

SMOWL: proctoring for education

Leap a new online pedagogical methodology.

Traditional school

Innovative school

Face-to-face process

Distance learning

Spending on resources

Investment in technology

"SMOWL uses artificial intelligence and facial recognition to verify students' identities and prevent them from cheating."
El País

What do we offer at SMOWL to educational institutions?

We are committed to a win-win for everyone.

Online evaluation system

Increase the training request without space-time barriers.

Invest in digital transformation safely and with reliable support.

Prestige and academic integrity

Offer quality and transparency in the exams.

Respect the GDPR and the privacy of the students.

The result

To increase

Offer quality and integrity to students by eliminating face-to-face attendance.

Increase the offer and overcome the space-time barriers of your university or training school.

To update

Invest in digital transformation safely and with 100% reliable support.

It incorporates artificial intelligence and human supervision to evaluate and gain prestige.

To comply

Respect the GDPR and permanently preserve the privacy of the examinee.

We monitor with multiple images to ensure the integrity and associate an encrypted identification number with each user.

Discover the benefits of SMOWL for training centres

Our online evaluation system allows you to:

Offer remote quality education

Expand accessibility to education

Reduce costs

Expand without borders

Advantages of SMOWL for teachers

There is a single app to take test-type exams and any other type of examination online. 

Educators will have a tool:


Technical ease

Intuitive interface to handle it from day one.


Automatic reporting

Personalized, detailed, visual and numerical reports.


Objective evaluation

Safe and transparent individual monitoring and supervision.

Advantages of SMOWL for students

They have an evaluation:


Monitoring guarantee

Exhaustive review and testing.


Decrease in expenses

Savings in travel.


Time flexibility

Conciliation and stress reduction.

The testimonials of our clients confirm that

"After activating the exam so that students can see it, the electronic proctoring tool starts the camera and generates a report. The teacher can decide whether or not the recorded events represent a violation of the rules.
Enrique Dans
Professor of Innovation and Technology at IE Business School
"7,000 students from 140 countries were examined with facial technology to ensure the ethical requirements of rigour in these tests."
Carlos Garriga
Director of Technology at IE University

What can you supervise with an online exam proctoring software?

Why can you trust a remote monitoring solution?

That is how our e-proctoring system realizes the supervision:



The person being tested
If there are other persons
The presence of disallowed devices



Peripheral elements (screens, keyboards...)
Open programs or applications
Web browsing

2nd Webcam


Additional images
Captures from another angle
The vision of the workspace



User identity without biometrics
Captures and incidents
The environment of the room



The person being tested.
If there are other persons.
The presence of disallowed devices.



Peripheral elements (screens, keyboards...).
Open programs or applications.
Web browsing.

2nd Webcam


Additional images.
Captures from another angle.
The vision of the workspace.



User identity without biometrics.
Captures and incidents.
The environment of the room.

SMOWL: proctoring for education


It makes processes easier for evaluators and users.


Increase licences whenever you want.


It always guarantees security and privacy.


It minimises the consumption of internet resources.


Select the security layers to suit your platform.

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It is the moment for privacy

Smowltech is a European company, and therefore we fully comply with the General Data Protection Regulation.

In addition, as we receive funds from the European Union, we comply with the strictest ethical and security requirements.

It is the moment of transparency

We know that choosing the right tool is crucial for you. For this reason, we give you a SMOWL demonstration and answer all your questions in a meeting to expand the information you need.