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Audio capture

  • Records when sounds are suddenly detected.
  • The recording is available for review within the results report.

360º environment validation

  • The user is asked to show the environment in which they will carry out the activity. Work surface and environment (walls, ceiling, etc.)
  • Video available in results report.

Computer monitoring

  • Peripherals (Monitors, screens, keyboards, mouse, etc.)
  • Other programs or documents opened.
  • Website navigation.
  • Copy / Paste.
  • Screenshots capture.

Webcam monitoring

  • Correct / Incorrect user.
  • More than one user.
  • User absent.
  • Use of resources or devices.
  • Covered webcam.
  • Webcam rejected.
  • Virtual webcam.

Additional camera

  • Additional camera within the monitoring to obtain a better capture angle.
  • It allows to observe the work environment, as well as another angle of the student.

Two modalities


License by activity

Monitor any type of online activity from start to finish.
Consumption per supervised activity.
(Duration: 3h max.)


Use cases:
Individual evaluations, certifications, entrance exams.


Per User License

Continuously monitor a user in various activities throughout a course.
(Duration: customizable)


Use cases:
Complete courses, continuous evaluation, MOOCs.

Balances System Security and User Experience

Seguridad y Privacidad

Security and privacy by design

  • Minimum information capture (no name, surname, email, contact information, etc.)
  • Information anonymization.
  • Compliance with the European General Data Protection Regulation.


Tailor-made Proctoring solution

Customize the security level with any of the following additional service

  • Monitoring via webcam.
  • Computer monitoring.
  • Audio capture.
  • Second camera to have another angle.
  • 360º for environmental review.
  • Use of technology with facial recognition.

Bajo uso de recursos

Low user resource usage

  • Capture images instead of video.
  • Ability to operate with low internet connections.
  • Capture of additional data only if requested by the institution.

Easy to use

  • Fully integrated into the platform: easy to use environment.
  • Possibility of using the solution without installation by the user.
  • Multi-browser.
  • Multi device.

Fácil uso

Ability to combine AI + human supervision

  • Improve reliability.
  • Reduce the workload of your supervisors.

IA + Supervisión humana

Scalability and cost reduction

  • Simultaneously evaluate large volumes of users.
  • Unit price adjustments for large volumes.
  • Reduces the costs generated by traditional proctoring methods.

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"SMOWL is a comprehensive eProctoring solution that responded to our requirements to successfully carry out external service projects"

Systems Coordinator of the Central Admissions Office,
National University of Engineering (UNI) of Lima

“SMOWL will never grade or close your exam if it thinks you are cheating”.

Professor of Innovation and Technology,
IE Business School.

“SMOWL detects if the student uses other types of programs, if they have Skype open, if they open another tab in the browser, etc.…”

universidad isabel I

Director of Educational Innovation,
Isabel I University

“SMOWL generates a report with the incidents and the professor can evaluate by him or herself”

Professor of Innovation and Technology,
IE Business School.

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