Are you looking for higher levels of formality in your certifications?

We offer two different options:

Online Exam Proctoring Software


SMOWL system is configured to monitor and identify the student continuously through the final exam of the course or several exams, from the beginning to the end of them.

Exam Proctoring Services


Price per exam and student with important volume discounts.

The most competitive price in the market for exam proctoring.

Continuous Assessment Proctoring Software

Continuous Assessment

SMOWL system is configured to monitor and identify the student continuously through several or all activities of the course, from the beginning to the end of them.

Continuous Assessment Proctoring


Flexible pricing depending on the number of activities.

Unique service in the market designed for continuous assessment proctoring with a very attractive price.

How do SMOWL’s proctoring services work?


Start online course
Register Partner


User´s identity is registered and will be used to follow him during the course. By using SMOWL’s proctoring services, you will be able to identify the student and make sure that he takes the course, activity or exam correctly.


SMOWL system registers the identity of the user by taking 3 pictures with his webcam. These images are used to create a biometric model with the facial features of the student and will be used to verify his identity during the whole learning process.


The enrollment can be also verified against an image of the user or an official document where his face is seen such as a document id, driving license or passport.

Biometric verification


Online Assesment


The student is monitored and authenticated continuously through his final exam or different activities in his assessment path. Thanks to SMOWL‘s flexibility and scalability, it can be configured to follow any number of students, at any time and any number of exams or activities.


SMOWL runs while the user is working without disturbing him in any way. The identity of the user is authenticated and verified against the biometric model created in the first step and at the same time the system monitors and proctors the student detecting what is happening: if the student is the correct one or not, if he is with someone else, if he visits other webs while he is in the course…

Exam Proctoring Services

EP: follow the student during his exams or final exam.

Online Proctoring Services

CAP: follow any type of activity (Quizzes, Video activities, Forum Discussions, Final exams…) whithin the assessment path.

Continuous authentication


Continuous eProctoring


Certification online


Thanks to SMOWL’s proctoring services your certifications will achieve highest formality. Certificates are presented with the registration face image.


SMOWL, identifies the student at the beginning of the learning and follows and monitors him during the whole assessment path. At the end, the system is able to guarantee that the student followed his studies correctly and, by including the face image of the student in the certificate, the institution makes sure to grant the credit to the right person.

Certifications of highest formality



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