Remote Proctoring Service by SMOWL

Any doubts?

What is SMOWL?

SMOWL is a remote proctoring software based on artificial intelligence algorithms to verify the identity of the online user and create evidence of the behavior of the user throughout the whole learning process.

How does the SMOWL Remote Proctoring service work?

SMOWL works within a web browser and uses the webcam of the user to take images randomly during the whole online activity to verify his identity. No installation needed for the remote proctoring of the user.

Why should you choose SMOWL?

Compared to other systems, SMOWL is the most robust remote proctoring software in the market. SMOWL is totally passive, easy to use and really flexible for the student, and at the same time scalable, reliable and secure for the institution. Additionally, SMOWL is the only remote proctoring solution that is able to provide a continuous assessment proctoring service, adapting to each institutions pedagogical methodology and being able to follow the online user continuously in any kind of activity during the whole course, not just during an exam.

Why is remote proctoring so important? I have been hearing a lot about it.

As online education continues to grow, so does the potential for academic dishonesty. SMOWL is playing an important role to ensure that online learning offerings maintain their integrity. By providing secure, flexible and scalable remote proctoring services, SMOWL helps institutions maintain their accreditation and reputation.

What needs to be installed?

We have designed our solution to be very student friendly, so there is no installation or extra hardware requirements needed for students. The only requirement for the student is to have a webcam.

What needs to be done?

Once the system is activated at your platform, you will need to complete a registration process. We encourage you to do this 72 hours in advance of the beginning of any exam or activity. After that, the system will work automatically.

How do I register?

To register, you will usually find a link in your course. Otherwise, the register application will appear automatically the first time you access to an activity where SMOWL is enabled. There, firstly you will need to read and accept the terms and conditions and then, take three pictures of yourself.

Do I need to schedule my exams and activities?

Definitely not.  SMOWL is an automatic proctoring service, so you will be able to access anytime.

What if something goes wrong before, during or after I have done my activities?

Don’t worry and feel free to contact us. At Smowltech, we are always happy to help if there is any problem, question or doubt.

Do I need to review all the pictures?

No way! With SMOWL there is no need to spend hours and hours reviewing the pictures. Our proctoring system provides advanced analytics of the results, automated alarms and real time control panel.

How do I view student results?

The results are automatically available in your LMS, after the student has finished the proctored sesion. However, please, keep in mind that it may take some time before you see the results (24 hours maximum), as sometimes there is a need for crossvalidation adding a human supervision in order to provide the most reliable results.

Is there a limit to the number students, the number of exams or activities SMOWL can be used on?

Not at all. The cloud computing architecture of the system enables the scalability required to reach any volume of students and any number of exams or activities that is necessary.

Are there any changes to the course required?

No. SMOWL is a flexible proctoring service that adapts to each institutions pedagogical metology, so there are no changes required.

Is SMOWL realiable? How robust is it?

SMOWL is the most robust automatic proctoring solution in the market, as automatic machine validation and human supervision are combined to guarantee the presented results.

Does SMOWL help with accreditation?

Absolutely! By verifying the identity of students and detecting incorrect behaviors, SMOWL has helped institutions around the world to raise the prestige and the quality of their online education offerings.

Is SMOWL available in multiple languages?

Yes. At this moment our proctoring software is available in the most spoken languages, such as English, Spanish, French and German.

What will the pictures be used for?

The collection and the use of the images taken is done with the sole purpose of verification.

How is students’ privacy being protected?

At Smowltech, the security and the privacy of the data are our highest priorities. Because of this, our solution does not collect any personally identifying information about the student. Aditionally, secure and encrypted channels are always used to send all the data and images, ensuring the safety of the information from any hacking attempt.

How long will the images be stored?

The images will be stored at Smowtech servers, for the period of time defined by the institution.


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