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We have already developed plugins for the most common LMS such as Moodle, Blackboard and Open LMS and we are able to integrate through API or LTI if you have developed your own platform.

The SMOWL solutions are able to fully integrate with your platform.

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Only one registration is necessary, it doesn’t matter the number of online activities that the user is going to do.

Take 3 pictures of the user’s face and ask for an official ID document to increase the security authentication level.


As we integrate into your platform, the user will do the online activity as any other before and we will supervise from the beginning to the end.

We won’t disturb or close the exam of the user at any moment. All the evaluation decisions are made by the person you assign.

Monitorización smowl

Depending on the type of solution you choose, you will be able to detect:

  • If the user is the correct person.
  • If there are two or more people in the same room.
  • If there is no one in front of the camera.
  • If the user has other resources not allowed such as: headphones, notes, books, calculator, mobile phone, etc…
  • If there are more than two users performing the activity in the same location.
  • If there is any strange background noise, such as other voices.

  • If the user enters other websites.
  • Whether the user is copying and pasting or taking screenshots.
  • If the user has other programs or documents open.
  • If there is another screen, keyboard, mouse or camera connected to the computer.
  • Among others…

You are able to decide the filters for the online evaluation to customize it as much as you want, for example, you are able to let your students open an Excel document or use a calculator. 

Evidence report

In your platform, you will be able to find the report with the results of the monitoring in detail by every single user or groups.

Download the brochure and share the information with your team.

Ask us for special features

The SMOWL proctoring solutions are customizable to fit your evaluation needs.

  1. Record audios.
  2. Add an additional camera.
  3. Enable the use of any program / device.
  4. Disable face recognition technology….And more!

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