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With image capture and without installation. 
Full compliance with GDPR. 
With customizable filters and detailed reports. 

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To reach more people and contribute to a global system.
To invest in safe technology and innovation.
To save time, space and resources.

Proctoring with no complications

Monitor the computer activity of your users.

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Complete proctoring

Monitor your users through the webcam.

Comprehensive proctoring

A comprehensive and customized monitoring.

Proctoring: what and for what it is

A tool that works for you.

Improve the quality of your online exams

100% online training increases the demand for your courses

In addition, with SMOWL proctoring, you get:

Reduced internet consumption

Imaged-based proctoring instead of video.

Guarantee security

Easily comply with GDPR and other local privacy regulation.

Save on costs

Avoid travel, infrastructure and documentation related costs.

Ease of use

Effortless integration and usage with an intuitive interface.

Scale and grow

Flexible and easy to escale platform that suites small and large organization alike.

Customize the functions

A customizable proctoring solution that can be tailored to your specific exams.

SMOWL is compatible with your LMS platform

platforms with which the smowl proctoring software integrates

It improves the quality of online evaluations, maintaining the integrity of the process and the user’s privacy. 

It provides a smooth management for evaluators and temporary flexibility for students or employees to access the test.

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Hundreds of universities, colleges and companies woldwide already use our technology

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Opinions matter to us

The testimonials of our clients drive us to continue improving

"The SMOWL monitoring system has allowed us to launch online degree programs. Some of these programs were initially in very low demand, but today, thanks to our switch to a dual format, both online and face-to-face, they are among the most popular degree programs with the highest student enrollment."
Víctor Abella García
Director of the Virtual Teaching Center at the University of Burgos
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"There are numerous online proctoring tools. SMOWL is, from my point of view, the one that best manages the balance between the necessary level of control that must be exercised over the student's activity and respect for their privacy. As a teacher, I don't see or hear my students taking the exam, only when the tool detects suspicious behaviour"
Enrique Dans
Professor of Innovation and Technology, IE Business School
"The comptroller of the Republic required a national evaluation process that would guarantee the security of the identity of the applicants who participated in the exam remotely and the detection of misconduct. The SMOWL system met expectations, and the exams were carried out correctly. right way"
Marco Barrera
Systems Coordinator of the Central Office of Admission of the National University of Engineering (UNI) of Lima)
"While the student takes the exam, they have the webcam active to see if they leave the table. The system also detects if you use other types of programs or have Skype open or open another tab in the browser…".
Ana Cristina García
Director of Educational Innovation at the Isabel I University).

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