Proctoring Online with SMOWL

Automatic proctoring solution and online user authentication system designed to meet the specific needs of eLearning and training.

SMOWL is a continuous online user authentication system that uses an automatic Artificial Intelligence algorithm to verify the identity of the online user and detect suspicious behaviors throughout the whole learning process. Human & machine validation are combined to guarantee all the results.

Patented technology

online proctoring

SMOWL’s features make it the most suitable solution towards formal certifications in any online learning environment.



Works continuously from the beginning to the end of the user’s activity and throughout the whole course.

Proctoring Pasivo


Totally passive for the user without needing any interaction, the system doesn’t disturb the user during the monitoring process.

Proctoring Authomatic


Automatic assessment solution to provide results in a maximum period of 24 hours after the end of the activity.

Proctoring flexible


User authentication and monitoring are easy to adapt in order to follow just the final exam or the desired activities with no need for scheduling.

Proctoring Reliable


Accurate and reliable results as the automatic AI algorithm is combined with human supervision.

Proctoring Scalable


The cloud computing architecture of the system enables the scalability required to reach any volume of students needed.

No extra requirements for the institution

No installation needed for the student

Works with low speed connections


SMOWL is developed under a flexible architecture to adapt to any kind of industry and learning environment.

Verified courses

Higher education

SMOWL eProctoring service enables the verification of any online learning process. With SMOWL, you will be sure if the user who followed the learning is who should be and if he or she has done it correctly combining authentication and online proctoring services.

Online Proctoring verified higher education
Verified certificates


Verification is the next step for MOOCs to continue gaining popularity and reaching more and more students. SMOWL eProctoring service is able to monitorize and authenticate the student through the whole MOOC, from the beginning to the end of each learning session, what makes certification possible maintaining the process fully online.

Online Proctoring MOOCs
Employee training

Corporate training

Companies invest a high amount of money in the training of their employees. SMOWL will make you be sure that workers have received their training. Use SMOWL to check if your employees have received their training or not, ensure that they’ve done it properly, and assure that your money is well invested.

Employee Training
Guarantee certifications

Regulated industries

Some Regulated Industries make it necessary to own a certificate to perform some kind of job. SMOWL eProctoring enables you to carry out online exams for official certifications and be sure that the person that has taken it is the correct one; the identity of the user is assured.

Regulated Industries


Are you looking for higher levels of formality in your certifications?

We offer two different options:

Online Exam Proctoring Software


SMOWL system is configured to monitor and identify the student continuously through the final exam of the course, from the beginning to the end of it.

Continuous Assessment Proctoring Software

Continuous Assessment

SMOWL system is configured to monitor and identify the student continuously through several or all activities of the course, from the beginning to the end of them.

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