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A proctoring software is a monitoring and supervision tool for online activities such as exams or certifications, which is used to ensure the integrity of the activity and prevent fraud.

This type of software uses artificial intelligence technology to monitor and supervise users during the completion of the test.

Proctoring with no complications

For organizations that just want to monitor user’s computer activity in on-site or online tests.


For organizations that need to identify and monitor their users via webcam.


Comprehensive proctoring

For organizations that want to monitor the user and their environment. A complete and personalized supervision.

Discover our remote proctoring services

Discover the different plans that SMOWL offers, compare and decide which one best suits the needs of your company or institution. No matter which plan you choose, you will receive a free trial.


The ideal tool for organizations that conduct in-person (or non-identifying) exams or assessments through a computer.

SMOWL CLASS will allow you to adapt the solution to the type of evaluation you need to monitor through two options:

  • SMOWL CM (Computer Monitoring): allows you to monitor the user’s computer activity during the test and configure which type of applications are allowed during it.


It detects open applications and browser tabs, connected devices, copy-pasting, etc.


  • SMOWL LOCK (Lockdown browser): a more restrictive approach that allows you to lock the user’s browser, showing them warnings if they attempt to exit the browser, copy-paste, etc.


All of this through an intuitive and simple browser extension focused on a user-friendly experience.




Add new layers of monitoring with SMOWL+.

This plan incorporates webcam monitoring functionality to your supervision, allowing you to verify the identity of the test taker and ensure the integrity of the test.

With this tool, you can be certain at all times that the person taking the test is the correct person and that they are completing it with total integrity, while still maintaining supervision of the user’s computer throughout the entire test.


The most comprehensive and customizable option from SMOWL.

SMOWL PRO allows you to add 360º supervision through a second camera (a smartphone or tablet) to verify that the testing environment has all the necessary guarantees.

Additionally, if any regulations in your sector require it, you can hire human supervision provided by the Smowltech professional team.

You can also enjoy an extended support service and customizable reports.

Request a free demo from us and we will help you with the configuration and integration of SMOWL PRO.

Compare our proctoring software plans

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Lockdown browser (SMOWL LOCK)
Computer monitoring (SMOWL CM)
Webcam monitoring
Audio capture
360º monitoring (second webcam)
Human Supervision (record & review)
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User enrollment
Photography + ID
Photography + ID + student ID (or others)
mySmowltech (customer portal)

Results report + analytics

Results report + analytics

Results report + analytics + API customization
API/LTI integration
Help center
Support chat
Phone assistance

License per exam

One license = one activity.

Recommended for:

  • Onboarding examinations.
  • Individual evaluations.
  • One-time certifications.
  • Staff selection tests.

Choose the SMOWL license you need

SMOWL+ and SMOWL PRO include comprehensive training, technical support and troubleshooting for you and your users.

License per user

One license = one user = multiple activities.

Recommended for:

  • Student examinations for a full academic year.
  • Degrees and postgraduate programs.
  • Medium-long term online courses.

How to monitor an online activity with SMOWL?

With SMOWL, you won’t miss any tricks your students may try to pull off.

Our remote proctoring software employs an extensive range of functionalities that let you customize the security layers you esteem appropriate for your online test.

You only need to run SMOWL, and the proctor will start gathering relevant information through the user’s webcam, finding any suspicious activity such as note-reading, multiple users, headphones… you name it.

When the test ends, SMOWL will provide you with a detailed report on every incident.

Proctoring technology made easy


User enrollment

Link SMOWL to your system. Afterward, the user will be able to register in the application and start the test.



SMOWL starts collecting data according to your chosen parameters (images, audio, objects… you decide!).


Results reporting

When the test is completed, you will receive a detailed report with any incident or suspicious user activity.

The Pros of a Proctoring Solution

Explore the many benefits of using an online proctoring software in your company or institution.


Using remote proctoring software allows students to work in their most comfortable environment without stressing about traveling or crowded examination rooms.


Our online proctoring software is entirely remote, which significantly contributes towards achieving the United Nations’ SDGs and building trust in e-learning. With SMOWL, you avoid unnecessary paper waste, reduce CO2 and help develop an equitable environment for quality education.


SMOWL complies with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and consequently, your user’s privacy rights will be covered by the world’s strictest privacy and security laws.


Using remote proctoring software will spare you the unnecessary costs of all the traveling and logistics related to the physical tests (and will also help your students save money!).

SMOWL is much more than just a proctoring software

We invite you to discover all the uses that proctoring can offer through our blog

There, you can find dozens of success stories featuring our tool and relevant information from the education, human resources, and sustainability sectors.

An online proctoring software that adapts to your needs

Whether you are an educational institution or a business, we’ve got you covered!

Online proctoring for exams

Find out how SMOWL can help you evaluate thousands of students while preventing them from cheating.

Our live proctoring software captures images and employs AI to generate a full report on any suspicious activity.

Proctoring for Digital Employment Assignments

Check the identity of new applicants and asses their knowledge with proctored tests and task supervision.

With SMOWL, you can monitor your employees’ workload and optimize their problem-solving skills and efficiency.

Protecting your data is our priority

SMOWL associates an alphanumeric code to the user, so that the identity is known only to your training center or company.

Access limitations

You decide who has access to the platform and the report.

Data use limitations

We only keep the data for the time required by law.

Proctoring time limitations

We only proctor the device during the evaluation.

Users trust in our system

SMOWL has helped us ensure that all students play under the same fair conditions, with proper ID verification and preventing cheating.
Executive Master in Risk Management student

Let us answer your questions

Still wondering about how to use our online proctoring software? We have compiled the most frequently asked questions from our clients.

We work with the most popular ones on the market, such as Moodle, Canvas, Open LMS, Classe365 and Blackboard.

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moodle integración smowl
backboard integración smowl
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plataforma ecom integración smowl
amir lms integración smowl
lms integración smowl
skillsoft lms integración smowl
It works with all major browsers, although we recommend the use of Chrome or Firefox.
nevegador chrome integración smowl
firefox integración smowl
opera integración smowl
mozilla integración smowl
safari integración smowl
SMOWL works on all major operating systems such as Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android
windows integración smowl
android integración smowl
ios integración smowl
apple integración smowl

SMOWL is linked to your virtual campus or LMS, so the proctoring software will run automatically when you start your online activity or exam.

If your institution or company signs up for SMOWL CLASS, SMOWL + or SMOWL PRO, you will need to install a desktop application to monitor your computer.

If you only want to perform webcam monitoring, no installation is required.

SMOWL records audio and takes random pictures within a given timeframe according to your chosen package.

Our software can work with low-bandwidth internet connections, allowing us to offer our service in a broader range of geographical areas.

In addition, the review of results is much faster on typified images than on video, saving time for your teachers and supervisors.

Institutions and businesses trust our live online proctoring system

"Having a proctoring system like SMOWL generates confidence in students and has allowed us to better adapt to the needs of our corporate clients."
Diego Rivero Hernández
Head of Online Training at CAMPUS AENOR
logo universitat oberta de catalunya
“A resounding success! We have been able to perform hundreds of tests without incidents and with excellent feedback from the students. […] This is the way to achieving quality online evaluation”.
Josep Prieto
Professor of Computer Science, Multimedia and Telecommunications at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya

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