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Improve the monitoring and quality of your online activity.

Meet our products

With several functions and levels of security.
With artificial intelligence algorithms.
With a report at the end of the test.

Smowl, la versión básica de nuestro software de proctoring
That is a basic, fast, and easy online monitoring plan without installation or extensions.

Additional components

Let us show you our proctoring in detail.

Smowl software proctoring
Software proctoring Smowl

Random capture of images

Security with a discreet presence.

Software installation

Verify identity

Presence of several users

Detect objects

Multi-browser version

Extras included:


Smowl + software de proctoring
Software proctoring Smowl +

Computer monitoring

Increased surveillance during the test.

Software installation

Verify identity

Presence of several users

Detect objects

Desktop version

Extras included:


Opened screens or programs

Other keyboards or devices

Web navigation

Commands (copy-paste)


Use of computer calculator

To these two versions of proctoring, you can add:

Smowl 360, software de proctoring 360
Software proctoring Smowl 360

Additional camera

It monitors the user with random images from the webcam and the mobile phone from two angles (front and side or rear).

Scan the environment

Doble-viewing angle method

Increases the visual field

Detect more movements

Smowl human proctoring con vigilancia personal
Software proctoring Smowl human

Human verification

Add supervision with our staff for situations requiring more control or avoiding automated facial recognition.

Scan the environment

Human review of the test

Skip the use of biometrics

Manual control

Smowl Custom proctoring a medida
Software proctoring Smowl custom

Customised solution

We also create a tailored plan to give you the best service for your particular case.

You can add and combine all the security layers you need: audio, commands, more vision coverage and many more.

Discover how to detect impersonation, copying in an exam, or searching for queries.
Check now what e-proctoring is.

Compare the plans and choose the most convenient for you.

What do clients think of us?

“Resounding success! We have been able to do more than a hundred tests without incident and excellent evaluation by the students. […] This is the way to make a quality online evaluation”.
Josep Prieto
Professor of Computer Science, Multimedia and Telecommunications at the UOC

Examination license

To apply in specific tests such as:
  • Entrance exams
  • Individual evaluations
  • Punctual certifications

Discover the SMOWL licenses

A system for every situation.

License per user

To evaluate for a continuous-time:

  • A full academic year
  • Degrees and postgraduates
  • MOOCs

All our products and licenses include complete training, technical support and resolution of doubts for you and the users.

We are with you. We are with your users.

How can you monitor online activity with SMOWL?

Let us explain to you the step-by-step for our e-proctoring.



SMOWL gets integrated into your system with ease. The user is identified in the app, and the activity begins.



We monitor according to the filters you have chosen: image, audio, actions, objects…



After the user disconnects, we send you detailed reports by areas and colors with evidence of what happened during the test.

We preserve and protect data.

We link an encrypted code to each user to guarantee their privacy.
We limit access
Only you decide who accesses the platform and the report.
We limit the use
We only keep the images for the time established by law.
We limit the time
We only monitor the computer during the evaluation.

The students speak

“I would like to congratulate you on the facial recognition initiative. […] I have not noticed any inconvenience or error that could affect the preparation of the tests”.
UOC student

We solve frequently asked questions

Here is some information that you may be wondering about at this moment.

See system requirements

See where SMOWL works

More testimonials

“It is a safe and transparent system for the student […] total success! This technology is already mature enough to be used regularly so that the student can do the entire training process from home”.
Xavier Dalmau
Director of FP Online at Jesuïtes Education

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