SMOWL technical support

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This section will help you if you have any difficulties installing or managing our e-proctoring system.

Contact our support team

We attend you with the SMOWL Technical Service
Our human team is in charge of solving your difficulties as a user or evaluator and diagnosing possible incidents.

We solve your doubts about our proctoring software

We support you with SMOWL Customer Service
Our staff supports and informs customers (schools, companies, institutions…) at all times.
We anticipate and predict some doubts that may arise
We integrate
SMOWL into the virtual campus or digital training centre. In less than 2 days, it is active and ready to detect.
We train
evaluators or human resources professionals and share materials to explain how it works.
We monitor
online activities and present detailed reports of the development of the test or the entire course.

SMOWL in 3 steps

That is how our e -proctoring works

Registration and identification

We integrate SMOWL into the virtual campus or digital training centre. In less than 2 days, it is active. Then the students or employees accept the conditions and identify themselves in the virtual campus.

The organisation of the workspace

The user checks that his location is correct and that the environment is adequate during the test. He maintains a fixed posture in front of the device and fine lighting.

Access to online activity

The test begins; during this time, we monitor online activities. In the end, the user sends the exam, and we present detailed reports on the development of the activity.

Registration and identification

Before starting the online test, we must check the following elements:

Choice of device

We confirm if it is allowed.

Compatible browser

We confirm if it works well.

Internet connection

We confirm if it is stable (better by cable).

The organisation of the workspace

We recommend a clean environment.

Room features

Plain background and absence of people in the room are considered good practices.

User posture

Sign up and face the camera and computer at all times.

Access to online activity

Maintain exemplary conduct.

Technical system requirements

In addition to the essential material (a computer, tablet or phone if the institution authorises it), you will need other devices like the ones listed below.


If the institution requests audio proof, you need it.


You need to install it with some versions of SMOWL.


Both internal and external are allowed.


We recommend Chrome and Firefox.

Integration with the main LMS on the market

Moodle, Canvas, Open LMS and Blackboard.

Also, SMOWL works with more educational platforms.

Its integration process is versatile and simple.

Open LMS
moodle lms
canvas LMS
skillsoft LMS
d2l LMS
mariadax lms prctoring
educativa LMS
Amir integración
icono plataforma integración
openedx integracion LMS
icono backboard
icono soporte

Frequent questions

We have created a Faq’s section for you to know all the details of our e- proctoring system. There you have more answers to common questions.

We always help you

Once you write to us, we will answer you by email or video call in the shortest possible time.

Report an incident

Our product is based on technology. It’s thorough and efficient, but even the machines sometimes fail.

If you find any anomaly, contact us.

Request or ask for information

Do you have any doubts? Please share it with our team.

Ask us about any aspect related to the operation of the tool.