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Your online activity in 3 steps

Sign up

Capture 3 photos of your face, or ID if requested.

soporte examen online

Prepare your work-space

Make sure you are in a room well lit and isolated.

Access the online activity

Grant the permissions to your browser to start monitoring.

soporte examen online

What you need to take into account if you are going to take an online activity with SMOWL



Through which you will take your exam. It can be a laptop or desktop computer. In case your institution allows it, you can do your exam through a mobile phone or tablet.

Compatible Browser

We recommend the use of browsers such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Review the information of browsers recommended by the institution or in the “System requirements” section.

Internet connection

If possible, we recommend using the Internet via cable for a better experience.


You must be in a room with good lighting

Avoid putting yourself against the light. When you stand in front of the device you are going to take your exam on, you should be able to visualize yourself correctly at all times.

You must be in an isolated room

When the system detects another person with you, an incident will be generated within the final report. This also applies to minors in the room.

Try to have a plain background

We suggest taking the exam in a space where there are not many objects or pictures in the background, including photographs.

You must maintain a correct position

You must be able to visualize your face in its entirety throughout your exam. When the system cannot correctly detect your face, an incident will arise.

During your exam:

Other devices

Avoid using other devices such as second monitors, tablets or mobile devices.

Support material

Your institution must indicate you if it is allowed to use notes, calculator or any other support material.

Talking during the online activity

Avoid speaking, even if they are thoughts aloud. You must be in a quiet environment.


You must remain in front of the device at all times, unless your institution tells you that you can be absent.

System requirements


If your institution requests it, for recording the sound you must have a microphone, either integrated or external connected by USB.


The SMOWL system is developed considering the user experience so that the student should not install any additional software or plugins to use the system.


NOTE: If your institution requests it, for the desktop monitoring it is necessary to install the SMOWLCM tool.


The SMOWL system supports any type of webcam, integrated cameras and external cameras connected by USB. Minimum resolution required: 640×480 pixels


SMOWL works on the following browsers depending on your operating system, however, we suggest the use of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

NOTE:If your institution requests it, for the desktop monitoring it is necessary to install the SMOWLCM tool. In this case, you will not be able to take your exam from a mobile device and the only operating systems compatible with SMOWLCM are: Windows, MacOS



Do I need to install something?

The solution is integrated within your virtual campus, so the SMOWL system will launch automatically when you start your exam. In case your institution requests it, it will be necessary to install a desktop application to monitor your computer. Ask your institution if you need to download it.


Do I need to schedule the service?

No. SMOWL is an automatic proctoring service, so you can access it 24/7, 365 days a year. Once the institution enables the exam, it will be accessible for you.


Will my teacher send me a password to take the exam?

No, SMOWL’s solution is integrated into your platform and will work automatically when you start the exam


How do I register?

To register, you must access your course within the virtual campus where the institution will have enabled a space with the registration link. First you will have to read and accept the terms and conditions to later capture the 3 images. If the institution requires it, we may ask you to show an identity document.


When should I register?

We recommend you do so as soon as the institution enables the link.


How do I know if I have registered?

You can access the registration link again after a few days to check it or ask it directly to your institution.


Do I need to register every time I take an exam?

No, registration must be done only once regardless of the number of exams to be performed.


What if I have a connection problem during the exam?

You must contact your Institution so that they indicate how you should proceed.

Podrás encontrar más información relevante si vas a realizar una actividad en línea con SMOWL dentro del enlace de FAQ en tu plataforma de trabajo.


How do I know that my privacy is protected?

Smowltech fully complies with the General Data Protection Regulation. In addition, we are a European company that is receiving funds from the European Commission as we are part of the Horizon 2020 projects.


What is the General Data Protection Regulation?

It is the Regulation that governs the European Union regarding the protection and treatment of personal data of natural persons, in addition to regulating their “digital rights”.


What type of information will be collected by Smowltech?

We will only store the information obtained during the activity monitoring, and it will depend on what your institution requests, for example, capturing images through the webcam, capturing audio, reporting activity on the computer, open programs, visited websites , etc…


What will the collected information be used for?

The collection of information and the use of the images taken is carried out for the sole purpose of verifying the identity of the student, as well as preventing fraud attempts and guaranteeing the integrity of the exam.


How long will the information be stored?

The information will be stored on Smowltech’s servers, during the period of time defined by the institution. Once this period has expired, the information will be deleted.

Do you want to know more about how we protect your personal information? Visit our Security and Privacy site!


What is Smowltech?

Smowltech is a company that has developed its SMOWL system to help institutions maintain the quality of evaluable activities in online training using a proctoring system based on artificial intelligence, which allows verifying the identity of the user online and monitors continuously through the entire virtual learning process; thus, it is a flexible solution that adapts to the pedagogical methodology of each institution.


What is the function of SMOWL?

SMOWL is a tool for quality assurance in online training that works on the browser and uses the user’s webcam to randomly capture images during all online activity to generate evidence of what happened during the online evaluation, which is provided to the evaluator, who will make the final decision.


Why has Online Proctoring become so important?

Remote proctoring is the key tool for organizations that enables them to provide universal access to education, as it lets any person carry out their training 100% online. It also makes possible the accreditation and recognition of the person who has made the course and has obtained the knowledge, providing high-level credibility to the certification obtained.


Helps lower geographic or time barriers. Also for those who have an intense workday, who do not have enough time or resources to carry out face-to-face training. And for those who have families and schedules that are not compatible.


Online learning provides the opportunity to those persons to continue learning through their lives and our tool enables them to proof and give them the credibility of the knowledge acquired creating trust in online learning environments.

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