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SMOWL is an e-proctoring tool. That is, it monitors the online activity of a user. You can easily integrate it into your educational platform, both in the version without installation (SMOWL) and desktop applications (SMOWL+ and subsequent ones), which require initial software installation.

In both cases, the user must previously register to confirm who will take the test.

Once you contact our technical service, we will give you a step-by-step guide and support during the process.
The integration is manual through the download of a plugin. It is integrated into your platform or LMS to view the SMOWL reports.

If you have any problem, you can contact our support.

We will inform you of your personalised pricing once you tell us the SMOWL version you need and the specific volume.
Our service is à la carte. Therefore, our rates are adjusted to the particular demand that your university or business needs to pay only for what you need.
The more licenses you request, the lower the cost per user and, therefore, the more profitable it will be for you.

Of course, with us, you have the freedom to reduce or expand security filters and change the type of monitoring whenever you want.
For example, if you have SMOWL and after a while you want SMOWL+, we adjust the tool to your demand. At the same time, you can configure the supervision layers according to the type of test you perform.

To register, you must access the online course in which you are enrolled in your virtual campus and register through the SMOWL tool included in it, in a space with the registration link. Suppose you cannot find it in your educational platform and the course or activity you are enrolled in. In that case, you must contact your academic institution to find out where to do it.

The process is straightforward, and we will explain the steps in a detailed and precise way.

  1. The first things you find are the terms and conditions that you must read and accept; it is where we guarantee the RGPD.
  2. We inform you of the identification process and how you should register.
  3. The moment of identification arrives with the capture of 3 images and your identification document if the entity requires it.
  4. You access the educational platform to complete the task.

In the case of SMOWL+ and later versions, there is an intermediate step where you have to install the application on your computer before testing.

It is a desktop application that monitors a user’s activity during an online test. The program’s installation on your computer is required to detect applications and actions within it that the educational institution deems appropriate.

When you finish the activity, you can uninstall it if you want. However, we only monitor it for the duration of the online exam. The moment you finish it, we end the collection.

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The only hardware required to perform an activity monitored by SMOWL is a computer or mobile device and a webcam. In this case, it is a multi-device and cross-browser.
For SMOWL+ or higher versions, you need to install the SMOWL CM tool. In this case, the only supported operating systems are Windows and macOS.

In both cases, the system is compatible with any webcam, internal or external:

  • Minimum required resolution: 640×480 pixels
  • Recommended resolution: 1280×720 pixels or higher

If your institution also incorporates audio analysis, you will need an internal or external USB microphone.
We recommend using browsers such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, although it works with others.

If you do, you will incur one or several faults depending on the number of times you do it, and the entity can cancel your exam. The evaluator will confirm in the report that we give him the suspicious actions and confirmed actions that you have carried out.
For example, suppose the camera detects an absence or the artificial intelligence system confirms that you use programs not allowed by the entity or peripherals. In that case, we record the number of times you have committed the incident.

You cannot cheat with SMOWL because the webcam and the software fulfil the function of controlling your integrity as evaluated in an academic test or an access test. Your entity can add personal control with SMOWL Human or two cameras simultaneously with SMOWL 360.

In all cases, your evaluator has three reports about your activity:

  • The registration report confirms that you are the authorised person and have carried out the test.
  • The report with incidents is grouped by categories, where you find the incidents recorded during the test duration.
  • The complete report, where the behaviour maintained throughout the test appears.

The usual thing to cheat in an exam is to consult another person or another place that is not the screen where you write or fill in the requested information. Our application detects if you have gotten up from your seat and are not taking the exam, talking to someone or having objects in front of you.

The evaluator accesses the summary of your incidents. He can see those highlighted by the number of infractions and a red colour warning. You also access the detailed report.

Online proctoring is a substitute for the surveillance of a face-to-face test on a user. Therefore, it detects the person who performs the activity and their behaviour.

In the case of SMOWL, the detection is by images, not by video, so data consumption is low, and the information processing speed is fast.

You can see an overview in this video:

SMOWL is an e-proctoring system that allows invigilating (behaviour) and confirmation of the identity of users who are carrying out an online activity.

The system detects suspicious elements in front of the camera and actions that the institution may consider inappropriate: other programs, keyboard commands, conversations with other people…

Here is an illustrative video:

The SMOWL+ version, or higher plans, does detect if you have any applications open (word processor, calculator, notes…) and the number of times you use them.

The entity or company determines which applications are allowed during the entire test or some part of it and which are not.

Yes, the software detects which pages you have open and which ones you browse or make occasional or recurring queries. The report we deliver to the institution records a summary of your navigation.

Audio detection in SMOWL is a filter. The customer can add it to any application version, desktop or online.
If audio is included, the program detects any sounds or conversations in the room.

Of course, it is one of the filters that customers can choose. In that case, it detects a PDF and any program or file that is open and in use on the computer or another connected computer system.

Therefore, it detects peripherals and another monitor, mouse, or connected elements to the main PC.
If you need two screens to take the test, they will be monitored to confirm that their activities are correct and allowed.

We mainly detect the activity carried out in any virtual campus or LMS through computer equipment and a webcam.

In the case of Moodle, SMOWL proctoring is very easy to integrate, and in the other popular LMS like Canvas, Blackboard, Classe365, Open LMS, and others.

On the other hand, ad hoc integration of the software is also feasible.

If you want more information about this functionality, we invite you to read this section:

Find out how SMOWL works in Moodle.

SMOWL is integrated into the educational platform, so monitoring is executed in connection with e-proctoring.

Integration into any LMS is easy. We include training so that the institution and the evaluators know its activation and operation internally.

You can also select integration via API or LTI.

SMOWL works like any e-proctoring system to replace face-to-face monitoring. However, the big difference is that it captures images and not video, which allows us to have a more agile tool.

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Whether you are an evaluator or a user who must take an online test, we have a support service where you can contact us and resolve doubts and incidents. 

You only have to open or chat, included in this website and wait for our answer. The technical support team will respond to you in the shortest possible time by email or by scheduling a video call, depending on the case.

Suppose you have any problem with the connection during the online activity. In that case, you should contact your institution so that they can tell you how to proceed.

You can find more relevant information within the FAQs link you find on our website.

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