Building trust in e-learning

At Smowltech, we are committed to society and one of our primary goals is to achieve a world with access to comprehensive and sustainable quality education. How? Through distance education.

Our social commitment

Each person, company, and institution has something to say about sustainable global and human development. We all can contribute to making this world more egalitarian and sustainable. A more humane place, in the broadest sense of the word.

We firmly believe in our ability to contribute with our remote monitoring solution or Proctoring to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The role of distance education in meeting these goals

Technological progress and the rise of distance education have a significant influence and role in fulfilling the United Nations SDGs. We contribute to two of them.

Provide inclusive, equitable, and quality education and promote learning opportunities for all.
SDG 13
Adopt urgent measures to combat climate change and its effects.

We want to open the way by breaking down barriers

Our commitment to society is to break down the barriers that hinder access to education for so many people throughout the globe.

We already know what these barriers are and how to break them:

Technological barrier

We strengthen the quality of online training.

Economic barrier

We improve access to university and corporate education.

Geographical barrier

We reduce the number of trips to examination centers.

And this is how we do it

We set ourselves a series of ambitious and necessary goals.

We strengthen the quality of online learning

Through identity verification and knowledge validation.

We improve access to university and corporate education

Education plays a fundamental role as a social elevator, especially for those who cannot attend classroom training, for several reasons:

  • Users with reduced mobility.
  • Users living in areas far from training centers.
  • Users with little time.
  • Users that struggle economically.

We reduce the numer of trips

Mainly those necessary to perform an on-site exam for people with reduced mobility, far from the exam centers, or with time restrictions. In addition, we contribute to avoiding emissions associated with travel and paper printouts.

Numbers prove us right

How do we know if we are meeting our goals? Through several indicators that we have designed. Real numbers that seek to improve real lives.

Thanks to SMOWL and the organizations and institutions with which we collaborate, we have reached these numbers in 2023:


People have digitally validated a degree or professional certification, thus facilitating access to reliable and quality education for thousands of users worldwide.


exams have been completed online, saving tons of paper.


tons of CO2 emissions have been avoided thanks to spending less time traveling.

Imagine what we could achieve if more and more institutions used proctoring in their evaluation processes.

These institutions and companies have already joined SMOWL’s sustainable revolution

We are not starting from scratch in our mission to achieve a more sustainable, accessible, and quality education. Many institutions and companies are already following us on this path.

Here are some of these institutions:

foto portada post afi escuela
La revolución digital en las certificaciones de CONTPAQi

Accessibility and sustainability with Smowltech

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Do you want to know more about how distance education can improve the world?

Download our ‘Distance education and sustainable development guide and learn about the benefits that SMOWL can bring to your company or institution. You can also contribute to a more equal and sustainable world.

Will you join the SMOWL revolution?

If you represent a company or institution with a great social conscience and everything we have told you has sounded very good to you… why not try SMOWL?

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Learn why SMOWL is different

We know you already know the main benefits of SMOWL and how our tool can help you. But just in case, we remind you some of them.

A reminder of the main advantages of SMOWL and how our tool can help you:

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