Use cases

Training pilots across North America

TSM Aircraft: training pilots across North America

23, November 2022
GestyFor encourages teaching and learning remotely

GestyFor uses SMOWL proctoring to provide quality learning

18, November 2022
Online supervisor UDLA

The implementation of an online supervisor for your university

16, November 2022
Classe365 helps your evaluation strategy

Classe365 and SMOWL help you expand your evaluation strategy

21, October 2022
CONTPAQi certifications

The digital revolution in CONTPAQi® Certifications

27, July 2022
The guarantee of a complete and secure process

IEP: a gateway to fair and quality education

25, July 2022
cover photo post afi school

Afi School: the training institution that managed to grow its expansion in record time

12, May 2022
Smowltech amplia el alcance de su impacto social

Sparkmind, Bolsa Social and Wayra join the social impact of Smowltech

4, May 2022
estudiante de la ucasal hablando de supervision online

Remote invigilation – UCASAL

10, March 2022
reducir gastos con examen online

Reduce logistics and transfer costs thanks to remote invigilation

24, February 2022

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