Find out how the SMOWL CM works. All the details you need to know about it: how to download it, how to install it, what the software detects, how it works and, along the way, we will try to answer any other questions you may have regarding it.

What is SMOWL CM

SMOWL CM is desktop monitoring software that monitors a user’s activity during an online test.
You have to install this software on your computer. In this way, the examining institution will detect applications and actions that it considers permitted.
When you finish the activity, you can uninstall it if you want. However, it only works for the duration of the online exam. When the time set for the test expires, monitoring ends.

Download SMOWL CM

How can I download SMOWL CM?

To download SMOWL CM, you must access the online course you are enrolled in, and you will see a prompt to install and download the SMOWL CM app.

If you can’t find it, you’d better contact your testing centre or institution so they can tell you where to find the application and where to take the test.

SMOWL CM is free to download.
You, as a user, do not have to pay any amount.

Download SMOWL CM for Windows

To download the software on Windows systems, you must perform the same actions as other systems, such as macOS. You have to access the online course you are enrolled in and find the download link. If you can’t find the program, contact your institution for more details.

Download SMOWL CM for Mac

Our tool is compatible with computers with macOS operating system.

Yes, exactly. SMOWL CM is compatible with Mac.

Currently, the tool does not work on other iOS environment devices like iPads or iPhones.

Your download works the same way as for Windows.

You must access the online course you are enrolled in, and there, you will find a link from which you can download the application.

If you can’t find it, you’d better contact your institution so they can tell you where you can find it.

How to install SMOWL CM

In the same download path of the SMOWL CM app, there is usually a guide with step-by-step instructions to carry out the installation. 

The installation is quite intuitive, but we have included some texts accompanying you throughout the process.

Suppose any doubt or incident arises during the software installation process. In that case, you must contact your exam centre or institution directly to resolve the incident.

What SMOWL CM detects

SMOWL CM detects any applications open on your computer (word processor, calculator, notes, etc.) and the number of times you use them. The examining institution is the one who determines which applications are allowed during the entire test, or in some part of it, and which are not.

Does SMOWL CM invigilate my computer?

Yes, the software monitors all computer activity, but only during your online activity throughout the trial. Our software analyzes different uses during the exam duration according to the filters requested by the school or company.

For example, SMOWL CM can check if there are open programs and which ones are open. Or it can check user actions throughout the test, such as using specific commands or screenshots.
We do not access files that you do not open or view for your peace of mind.

How it works

SMOWL CM is a desktop monitoring tool,
and its activation process is divided into two parts:

the check phase

the monitoring phase

Check phase

Before accessing the exam, the system will check if SMOWL CM is installed correctly on your computer.

In the SMOWL display block, where you should see yourself through your webcam, a message will appear indicating whether the accessory software has been connected.

The browser will ask for your permission to enter the exam, and the SMOWL CM check will be launched.

You can check the functionality of your webcam through the following link.

If your institution also incorporates audio analysis, you will need a microphone. Our software works with any internal or external microphone.

Monitoring phase

Once passed the verification page, the tool will be relaunched; you will have to allow it to run again. Looking in your block or the SMOWL pop-up, you can verify the system’s activation.

Accidental closure during a test

In a crash during the activity, you can always restart the app again by refreshing the activity page and allowing the permissions.

Remember that SMOWL CM is opened twice. The first on the check page and the second within the exam.
It is important to close the check tab before entering the activity. That will allow the software to launch correctly during the test.

Check browser permissions

If the system does not launch in check mode, it may be because the browser is blocking it. Check your browser permissions. You can never forget the permissions in your browser so that it does not ask you to grant them every time you reload the page.

Other doubts or problems

In case you have any comments, suggestions or other questions about Smowltech and our monitoring system, you can:
Suppose you have any questions or problems with the system or platform to carry out your activity. In that case, you should contact the person in charge of managing the platform at your school or examining institution.