Hard skills vs soft skills are different

Hard skills vs soft skills: differences and relevance

28, February 2023
List of soft skills

Soft skills: what are they, and which are the most demanded?

7, February 2023
Video job interviewing helps you improve your employer branding

Video job interview: 11 tips for a successful interview

26, January 2023
hr department SMART goals

SMART Goals for HR: what are they, and how and why to set them up

19, January 2023
Applicant Tracking Systems is computer software

ATS or Applicant Tracking Systems: definition and benefits

5, January 2023
Attracting talent to your company increases its value and competitiveness

Attracting talent to companies: how to do it and why

3, January 2023
Motivational interviewing delves deeper into the candidates' arguments

Motivational interviewing: what it is and techniques

29, December 2022
It is the recruitment of talent through social networks.

Social recruitment: benefits, disadvantages, and opportunities for businesses

22, December 2022
Shortlisting candidates is a crucial phase to find those professionals that the company needs

Shortlisting candidates: meaning and why it is important in HR

21, December 2022
What is a job interview

Job interview processes and methods

14, December 2022
Competency-based interview is used to attract candidates with key qualities

Competency-based interview: why using it is so important

15, November 2022
Behavioral interview is a useful tool in recruitment

Behavioral interviews: what are they and tips for preparing them

10, November 2022

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