sustainability and accessibility

Benefits of Technological Integration

Technology for sustainability: how to apply it ethically

13, September 2023
The future of this symbiotic relationship between proctoring and environmental preservation

Proctoring and Environmental Protection: connections and benefits

6, September 2023
How to save paper in your company?

Save paper: how to reduce paper waste in your company

9, August 2023
Communication and Accessibility Innovations

Technology and Disability: enhancing lives and breaking barriers

2, August 2023
Artificial intelligence presents remarkable opportunities to foster digital sustainability and address environmental challenges.

How can artificial intelligence contribute to digital sustainability?

26, July 2023
Proctoring allows individuals with family responsibilities to take exams and obtain certifications without physically leaving their homes.

Proctoring as a facilitator of family work-life balance

19, July 2023
The benefits of diversity in education are numerous.

Diversity plan: what is it and how can proctoring help

28, June 2023
WCAG 2.2 (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) recommend making web content accessible to individuals with disabilities.

WCAG 2.2: what are the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines?

14, June 2023
Learn about ESG criteria and discover why they are crucial for companies working on corporate social responsibility.

ESG criteria: Smowltech is a company committed to them

24, May 2023
Discover how to reduce your environmental impact with green hosting.

Green hosting: how to reduce your environmental impact with an eco hosting

10, May 2023
Digital citizenship: the importance of education

Digital citizenship: the importance of education

19, April 2023
Crowdsourcing is a collaboration technique

Crowdsourcing: what is it, and what does it consist of?

5, April 2023

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