UPAL: the digital university born with proctoring

At the forefront of educational innovation and in response to a rapidly digitizing world, emerges the Universidad Privada Peruano Alemana...
19 January 2024

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UPAL: the digital university born with proctoring

At the forefront of educational innovation and in response to a rapidly digitizing world, emerges the Universidad Privada Peruano Alemana (UPAL).

An institution ahead of its time, UPAL secured its operating license prior to its inauguration, built on the pillars of the “New Normal” post-COVID

More than just a university, UPAL is a cutting-edge digital ecosystem, an inspirational campus fostering collaboration and critical thinking. Crafted by renowned professionals, its programs align with emerging market needs.

UPAL stands as a benchmark in higher education challenging conventional pedagogical approaches, and committing to generating solutions for contemporary challenges. It acts as a catalyst for change, promoting education that inspires the community to contribute to Peru’s development and transformation.

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Academic Programs for a digitized world

UPAL’s academic programs are designed to promote inclusion and foster critical thinking and innovation. From fields like administration and cybersecurity to systems and software engineering, the university equips students to tackle future challenges with a solid foundation in technology and business management.

The institution is committed to integrity and ethics, reflected in its ISO 37001 certification, ensuring practices against bribery and data protection. Its commitment to accessibility is evident in the adaptation of its website to accommodate individuals with different abilities, ensuring equal opportunities for learning and development in a safe and welcoming environment.

In summary, UPAL provides education and dedicates itself to creating an inclusive and advanced learning environment in line with the demands of the modern world and the specifics of the Peruvian context.

Universidad Privada Peruano Alemana

Secure evaluations through SMOWL from the very beginning

Integrating SMOWL into UPAL’s educational experience has been a distinctive element since its foundation. 

Born in a digital ecosystem, UPAL has implemented this proctoring tool from the start, crucial for effective monitoring and evidence collection during evaluation processes, making it a simple and efficient practice for both administration and remote student control.

This online supervision system allows UPAL to ensure that exams and evaluations adhere to the highest standards of academic honesty and integrity

SMOWL offers an advanced technological solution, ensuring fair and reliable assessment of student learning, maintaining the educational quality that distinguishes UPAL.

In partnership with the local partner, Seidor, implementation, personnel training, and continuous support have been seamlessly conducted.

“Always proactive, the experience has been excellent, and they have always been attentive to resolving our doubts and queries promptly.”

Remote supervision in entrance exams and undergraduate digital exams

UPAL has applied SMOWL in various academic contexts, including admission processes and final undergraduate exams, highlighting its effectiveness in managing and supervising student activities. 

The use of SMOWL has strengthened security and transparency, ensuring integrity in evaluations and contributing to the high level of educational quality that the university promotes.

SMOWL: an indispensable Tool for Educators and Students

Detailed reports from SMOWL have been particularly valuable in admission exams, offering a clear perspective on the honesty of applicants and providing relevant information for educators to enhance learning. 

For instance, evaluators can determine if there are questions challenging for students, leading them to seek additional information (Google, Wikipedia, etc.).

Students’ initial surprise at the rigorous-looking tool has evolved into acceptance and positive appreciation, recognizing SMOWL as an ally in their academic journey.

UPAL digital university

SMOWL’s mission in a digital university like UPAL

SMOWL is an advanced solution in the field of online proctoring adopted by UPAL to strengthen its digital educational infrastructure. 

This tool has allowed the university to monitor and ensure academic integrity during remote exams and evaluations, integrating facial recognition and behavior pattern analysis technologies to ensure students maintain integrity during tests.

Its versatility is evident in its adaptability to various exam formats, providing a user-friendly interface for both students and faculty. 

Through SMOWL’s proctoring plans, UPAL not only meets quality and security standards but also advocates for a fair and equitable learning environment where the merit and effort of students are justly evaluated and recognized.

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