Digital nomads and proctoring: improving the recruitment process

Digital Nomads and Proctoring is a strategic combination for recruiting and retaining this trendy type of profile in digital society....
20 June 2024

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Digital nomads and proctoring: improving the recruitment process

Digital Nomads and Proctoring is a strategic combination for recruiting and retaining this trendy type of profile in digital society.

One of the biggest challenges in recruiting this type of digital talent is finding effective tools to monitor the entire process remotely.

In this regard, proctoring gives you the opportunity to monitor all stages of the recruitment process to increase the success rate and monitor the performance of your Human Resources (HR) strategies.

The aim of this article is to help you understand how you can improve the recruitment process of digital nomads thanks to proctoring, while strengthening the confidence of these candidates who are looking for more autonomy.

Digital nomads and proctoring

What are digital nomads?

Digital nomads are people who are not tied to a specific location and can work from anywhere in the world thanks to the use of online tools.

This type of worker has been boosted since the pandemic, and since then, it is growing in people looking for some of these solutions that affect their well-being or life expectancy:

  • Improve work-life balance. 
  • Avoiding the usual distractions of a regular work environment. 
  • Explore new destinations and cultures. 
  • Overcoming the problem of a lack of opportunities in the local job market. 
  • Seek greater autonomy in managing their professional responsibilities.

You can find digital nomads in many professions, as long as they can be developed remotely.

However, the digital nomad lifestyle faces challenges such as connectivity problems or finding secure connections in certain places, time zone mismatch with their clients, difficulty in establishing networking relationships, finding a place to work that offers good conditions, enjoying the necessary security in shared spaces, etc.

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Digital Nomads vs Remote Workers

Before proceeding with the article, it is important to distinguish between digital nomads and remote workers, because while it is true that all digital nomads work remotely, not all remote workers are digital nomads.

A remote worker works remotely but lives in the same place, follows the same time zone, and has a predictable schedule, rules that do not necessarily apply to nomadic profiles that do not typically stay in the same place for long periods of time.

Another difference is that remote workers work for a company under the same conditions as employees who work on-site.

Challenges of recruiting Digital Nomads

Recruiting Digital Nomads poses significant challenges, so you need to take a different approach to recruiting and retaining this type of profile.

Keep in mind that this type of profile is looking for organizations that offer their candidates the ability to work remotely with flexible schedules, which requires the company to have experience in asynchronous collaboration.

On the other hand, these candidates are interested in projects whose mission, values and expectations match their own.

Another issue that can complicate the process is the legal aspect. Since digital nomads may work in several countries, a solution must be found to comply with local tax laws, as well as labor laws and social security regulations.

Digital Nomads vs Remote Workers

To avoid any mishaps in this regard, it is necessary to have tax professionals specialized in these profiles to help you in the selection and recruitment process.

Finally, remote recruitment can raise privacy and security issues regarding the management of confidential data exchanged.

HR strategies must ensure that the recruitment process is reliable, efficient and transparent to keep pace with digital business transformation.

Adapting the recruitment process to Digital Nomads and Proctoring

Adapting the recruitment process to digital nomads and proctoring is essential to successfully recruiting and hiring digital nomads.

To successfully complete interviews and remote assessments, you can follow the recommendations from experts in this type of recruitment that we have compiled for you:

  • Structure a comprehensive hiring process that includes virtual interviews, skills assessments and cultural fit testing based on business objectives. 
  • Incorporate technological tools and resources that facilitate secure, respectful and transparent remote communication, as well as the ability to delay communication when circumstances require.
  • Seek advice from local experts, such as headhunters or staffing firms that specialize in digital nomads.
What are digital nomads?

Thanks to proctoring, you don’t have to do without remote talent for your project.

Incorporating this technological and innovative tool into your recruitment process can help you improve it by offering 3 different types of online monitoring:

  1. Real-time monitoring. This type of monitoring requires the participation of a person who monitors the transmission of the webcam and speakers. This supervisor can detect inappropriate behavior in the test, which would result in the immediate elimination of a participant. 
  2. Recorded monitoring. This type of asynchronous monitoring allows a team of examiners to review the selection tests at a later time. This modality is useful when the schedules of examiners and test takers are incompatible or when the monitoring must be performed by different teams. 
  3. Automatic supervision. In this case, a set of tools, such as AI, automatically intervenes to detect suspicious behavior during the tests. The proctoring system equipped with this type of systems and sensors detects browser changes, connection of unknown devices or analyzes the candidate’s environment.

At Smowltech, we have proctoring plans that allow us to monitor the candidate’s activity, block their browser so that they cannot consult unauthorized sources during the test and verify their identity.

If your industry regulations require it, we also offer the option of hiring professional human proctors.Request a free demo and discover for yourself the innovative solutions we can offer you so that you don’t have to give up your nomadic talent.

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