Talent acquisition: what is it and employee retention strategies

Talent acquisition is in complete evolution and plays a transcendental role in the level of competitiveness of companies by taking...
8 September 2022

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Talent acquisition: what is it and employee retention strategies

Talent acquisition is in complete evolution and plays a transcendental role in the level of competitiveness of companies by taking advantage of the benefits of new trends focused on people and their competencies.

In this dynamic, it is as essential to access talent as it is to retain employees as well. This is why we believe you must know how a talent acquisition process works and how to strengthen the talent retention strategy in companies.

What is talent acquisition?

HR talent acquisition is the process of searching, identifying, and hiring profiles with the necessary skills to perform an open position offered by a company. But, what does talent acquisition mean more deeply?

When talent recruitment is successful, Human Resources departments or agencies specialized in this task get trained and motivated profiles that can even become ambassadors of your brand.

Attracting the talent you need for your organization depends on an efficient recruitment process.

Talent acquisition jobs: remote is now

Remote talent acquisition jobs are becoming more and more popular, as companies and hiring managers seek to tap into a larger pool of talent. While there are some challenges associated with hiring remotely, such as assessing the cultural fit and managing time zones, there are also many benefits. 

Remote talent acquisition allows companies to reach top talent regardless of location, and iremote work can also save on costs associated with relocation and office space. 

In addition, working from home arrangements can be highly attractive to candidates, making it easier to attract the best and brightest. As the world of work continues to evolve, remote talent acquisition is likely to become an increasingly important part of the HR landscape.

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Human talent acquisition process

To stand out from the competition, you need the best teams and the most qualified professionals.

Human talent is a business strategy that must be detected, assimilated, and retained in those companies that want to increase their productivity and the commitment of their teams in the long term.

The first step to achieve this is to focus on the recruitment process, which must follow the following guidelines to seduce new talent.

Analysis of the company’s needs

The first step is to analyze the type of profile and skills needed for the vacancy.

A realistic job description

The job description should be detailed and tailored to the actual tasks to be performed by the person and their responsibilities.

Talent attraction

Competitive salary and benefits offer

Job compensation should be commensurate with responsibilities. The balance of candidates will tip in favor of companies that offer added benefits and incentives.

Correct selection of the recruitment medium

The recruitment medium gives access to one type of candidate or another. If you are looking for an ultra-qualified profile, think of headhunters.

Promoting employer branding

This recruitment strategy combines marketing resources with HR tools to generate an attractive image of your company. It is one of the most widely used recruitment techniques.

Use of appropriate software in the recruitment process

Recruitment software should facilitate decision-making, allow workflow automation and provide real-time reports of the entire process.

7 tips to strengthen the human talent retention strategy

Adverse work climate, demotivation, lack of professional development opportunities, or work-life imbalance are some factors that increase a company’s employee turnover rate with the consequent economic impact.

To avoid this, develop a human talent retention strategy starting with hiring the right person who will result from an effective recruitment process.

Take note of these other seven tips to create successful employee retention strategies:

  1. Work on the culture of communication.
  2. Put in place a system of recognition and incentives.
  3. Develop family reconciliation and mental wellness policies.
  4. Promote interpersonal relationships.
  5. Use mentoring and reverse mentoring.
  6. Use reskilling dynamics and annual evaluations.
  7. Encourage professional career plans.
Talent attraction and retention strategies

Let’s know some details of these suggestions.

Work on the culture of communication

Internal communication can become a differential value. People can identify with the company’s culture and feel part of it.

Put in place a system of recognition and incentives.

You can opt for occasional gifts for particular reasons -retirement, the birth of a child- or recognition for achieving objectives.

Develop family reconciliation and well-being policies

Contribute to the work-life balance of your team members with small gestures such as autonomous management of breaks, an individualized time bank, teleworking, or intensive working hours.

tips to strengthen talent retention

Promote interpersonal relationships and values

Honesty, respect, and empathy are values that you can promote with the help of gamification, role-playing, and outdoor activities, among other resources.

Use mentoring and reverse mentoring

Mentoring helps to create a work environment of continuous improvement and peer support. It can be an exciting method in companies with generational gaps.

Use reskilling dynamics and annual appraisals

Nurture your employees’ versatility and personal development with reskilling dynamics. Annual appraisals establish the success rate of measures or detect errors.

Encourage career plans

Career plans foster commitment and improve performance. It is an excellent method for retaining talent whose benefits revert to both teams and organizations.

Exploiting Big Data analysis in HR, recruiting, and training software are some resources that will help you improve your image in front of your employees, avoiding talent drain from your company.

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