Employee experience: what is it and a strategy to improve it

The Employee Experience is a rising value in Human Resources Management – HR – which arises as a reflection of...
6 October 2022

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Employee experience: what is it and a strategy to improve it

The Employee Experience is a rising value in Human Resources Management – HR – which arises as a reflection of the care for customer satisfaction transferred to employees by listening to their work expectations and synchronizing them with the business expectations of the organization. HR – which arises as a reflection of the care of customer satisfaction transferred to employees by listening to their work expectations and synchronizing them with the business expectations of the organization.

This type of action improves the work environment, increases productivity, and proves to be a positive dynamic for evaluating the talent to be retained by the business leaders.Human capital matters. We explain what Employee Experience is and why it is so important.

What is the employee experience? Employee experience definition

The Employee Experience definition tells us that it is a model for managing human relations in a company designed to provide solutions to the needs of employees based on what they experience, feel and perceive in their relationship with the company before, during, and after their professional relationship with it.

It arises as a continuation of the Customer Experience to stimulate a change of mentality oriented to increase the employee’s well-being in the company and lengthen the employee lifecycle thanks to the creation of experiences adapted to their expectations.

The EX strategy is developed by working on four dimensions:

  1. The motivational one is to create spaces or digital workplaces where employees wish to integrate and where their talent is valued and enhanced. In this phase, methods such as talent assessment and onboarding processes come into play.
  2. The social dimension to improve relationships between teams. In this sense, the 360° assessment is a complementary tool that helps detect existing conflict points.
  3. Financial, to check how employees perceive their salary and the impact on their finances.
  4. Health contributes to improving physical and mental health, two essential pillars of well-being.

Implementing this dynamic involves the individualized measurement of the impact on the employee during their critical moments in the company.

Employee experience

Characteristics of Employee Experience management

A comprehensive Employee Experience strategy is deployed based on active listening, pulse surveys, and digital tools that objective analysis through:

  • The overall manifestation of the employee experience in both formal and informal relationships.
  • The impact on the employee of critical situations such as joining the company, promotions, or retirement.
  • The employee’s perception of the relationship with the company, considering that their expectations begin to be created before recruitment, according to your company’s employment branding or marketing.

To summarize, the employee experience is characterized by creating spaces where employees want to be and where they can develop their career plans.

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Importance of the Employee Experience in the HR strategy

The success of the Employee Experience model to be implemented in your company depends on understanding the employee’s experience to reduce the gap between the employee’s current knowledge and the desired experience.

In the process, actions will emerge that will help you to:

  • Increase commitment and engagement.
  • Decrease absenteeism and turnover.
  • Turn the employee into a true brand ambassador.

In this way, implementing a good digital employee experience strategy helps you to enjoy various benefits:

  • It provides a natural, agile, and qualitative vision that allows you to understand the impact of the implemented actions.
  • It drives a change in the management model regarding the relationship with your employees, improving the company’s internal communication.
  • It becomes a tool for team management that enriches the work environment.
  • Increases employee engagement or bonding by making them feel listened to and considered.
  • Increases team performance and improves customer service.
  • Relieves HR workload thanks to a proactive attitude and high team satisfaction.
Tips to improve employee Experience

Techniques such as active listening to the employee, applying conceptual thinking through personal itineraries, designing an Employee Journey Map -the visualization of the complete work process of each department- or investing in new technologies that facilitate day-to-day and collaborative work have been implemented little by little in some companies with very positive results.

However, it has also been found that deploying these techniques in isolation without a roadmap that encompasses them is not enough to protect human capital.

The Employee Experience must be an integral and continuous strategy to obtain quantifiable, visible, and monitorable results over time.

Strategy to improve the Employee Experience

The implementation of improvements in the employee experience is based on four main pillars:

  1. Create a common experience base that establishes the most important moments in the employee’s relationship with the company.
  2. Create a long-term roadmap to align the entire organization to this single experience baseline, considering factors such as budgets, priorities, etc.
  3. Test the roadmap in the initial phase and redesign or adjust improvements or changes based on the results obtained.
  4. Create an open platform so that employees can see the evolution of the improvements carried out and the results.

To this end, it is essential to have a team of engaged employees dedicated to the project and to establish a company culture that improves the user experience in the different phases of the Employee Experience strategy.

Having monitoring tools that ensure the correct management of privacy throughout the entire procedure, given that sensitive information is collected, increases your team’s confidence in the company.

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