Exponential leadership: how to enhance the necessary skills?

Exponential leadership is a response to the changes in the business environment, which are driven by volatile contexts in which...
27 April 2023

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Exponential leadership: how to enhance the necessary skills?

Exponential leadership is a response to the changes in the business environment, which are driven by volatile contexts in which uncertainty reigns and require disruptive people capable of squeezing the possibilities of the technological revolution. 

This different way of thinking, capable of having a futuristic vision of sectors, situations and companies, will make it possible to identify the team’s talent and push it to its maximum potential. 

Because it is a necessary strategy to improve the competitiveness of companies by exponentially managing talent, we will explain in detail what exponential leadership is and how to enhance the required skills to make the most of it.

What is exponential leadership?

Exponential leadership is a new kind of leadership that arises from the transition from linear thinking, used until now, to exponential thinking that seeks a massive transformation through finding practical solutions to common problems, a way of thinking typical of the information society. 

Exponential leadership: how to enhance the necessary skills?

Today’s teams are looking for a leadership model that provides them with a purpose built on principles with which they identify, offering them a shared vision in line with the technological revolution in which our society is immersed.

Thus, teams from today are looking for authentic, confident, and forward-looking leadership capable of being disruptive, generating ideas and actions that are as innovative as they are practical and that create a social and economic impact up to ten times greater than competitors.

This type of agile and flexible leadership, supported by technology, must work on the efficiency of processes and the simplification of procedures while exponentially improving results and taking care of people’s well-being in its humanistic dimension.

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How to enhance exponential leadership skills?

If you want to enhance your skills -or those of your leaders- to become an exponential leader, the first step is to know what this figure consists of. 

Next, you should identify the skills you need to develop, and finally, you will have to choose the tools to achieve them. 

We explain this in the following points.

Knowing the figure of the exponential leader.

To be a good exponential leader or digital leader, you must know how to detect and manage talent, driving your teams towards their best version thanks to their capabilities and technological tools. 

At the same time, you must contribute to the organization’s development by building an equitable, inclusive, and collaborative environment toward excellence.

Exponential leadership is a new kind that arises from the transition from linear to exponential thinking.

The exponential leader has a successful mindset based on 4 essential traits.


Technology is part of the DNA of this type of leader who uses it in innovation to create new products and services, simplify procedures or create new opportunities. 

The vision of the future

The exponential leader is a visionary, a characteristic that allows him to take firm, albeit sometimes risky, steps and lead his teams to success. 


The new leader understands advancement as a source of co-creation of the future together with other people. He cares for the well-being of his teams by seeking physical, mental, and spiritual balance.  

Thus, emotional intelligence is shown as one of the interpersonal skills necessary for the proper development of this trait.


To achieve exponential results, they must be innovative and disruptive, that is, they must be able to analyze a problem from different perspectives, abstracting from it to find original, radical, and high-impact solutions aimed at creating a future of abundance.

Detecting the exponential leader qualities

The second resource to become a good exponential leader is to know the skills you need to develop. 

In addition to the traits we have just learned about, this type of leader is characterized by an optimistic vision that makes it easier for them to see opportunities where others see failures. 

On the other hand, being a humanistic leader means knowing how to provide the space that your work teams need to experiment and learn from the mistakes inherent to the innovative dynamic.

To enumerate some of the soft skills that these people have highly developed, we share this list with you:  

  • Emotional intelligence. 
  • Critical thinking.
  • Capacity for reflection. 
  • Pragmatism. 
  • Adaptation to change.
  • Creativity. 
  • Assertive communication. 
  • Emotional stability.  
  • Flexibility. 
  • Resilience.
  • Empathy. 
Tips to enhance the skills of an exponential leader.

In addition, as an exponential leader, you must be committed to rewards based on equity, shared prosperity, and personal and professional development.

Use effective methods to develop skills

You have different tools to perfect the skills you need

We share with you some of the most used ones: 

  • Executive coaching. This is an accompaniment carried out by a professional coach or trainer focused on developing the talent of a company’s leaders. 
  • Business mentoring. It allows you to give value to the internal knowledge of the talented profiles of your company that participate in the transmission of the Know How integrated into the business culture.
  • Training and education. They offer you the possibility of introducing continuous training programs focused on constantly improving the technical competencies or hard skills of your leaders and, on the other hand, boosting creativity and innovation in your organization.

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