Virtual team building activities to boost employee confidence

Virtual team building activities increase employee confidence and facilitate the creation of a collaborative and respectful professional environment. You need...
25 April 2024

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Virtual team building activities to boost employee confidence

Virtual team building activities increase employee confidence and facilitate the creation of a collaborative and respectful professional environment.

You need to understand that work teams are made up of very diverse people, with different personalities, different skills, and sometimes conflicting professional visions.

Virtual team building activities help create a sense of belonging and cohesion in remote teams, and allow you to develop important skills in your employees, such as empathy and decision-making.

To help you, we will share effective, fun, and easy online team building activities that will make your teams invincible.

Virtual team building activities to boost employee confidence

9 virtual team building activities you should know

Virtual team building activities are responsible for the cohesion of teams working remotely or in a hybrid way, strengthening collaborative bonds and increasing employees’ trust in your company. 

They are also effective tools for identifying and developing talent in your project. 

To help you take advantage of these benefits, we suggest a few online activities that you can easily incorporate into your HR team building strategies.  

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Virtual escape room

Turn your teams into detectives for a day and challenge them to solve a mystery. 

This type of activity requires advance preparation, but as with in-person activities, you can turn to specialized companies that offer ready-made games. 

Remember that today virtual environments have evolved a lot and you have access to accessible and very fun solutions for your team management activities. 

Office Olympics

You can create Office Olympics that include various games and activities to be tackled in teams, such as virtual treasure hunts, themed quizzes, guess who the baby is, etc. 

You can prepare them with or without the help of simulators, depending on the types of games you want to include. 

In the second part of this list we include activities that do not require much preparation or specialized platforms and are known as quick team building activities. 

In this case, these are very versatile activities because they do not require much time to develop and allow you to raise the morale of a team that may be stressed at a given time, for example. 

The following activities can be developed in just a few minutes and will help your teams build a positive work culture and trust. 

A few online team building activities that you can easily incorporate.

Share your successes

In a virtual meeting, ask each of your employees to share the accomplishment they are most proud of. 

This activity allows team members to get to know each other better and become aware of the progress they are making together.

Desk photo

Ask team members to share a desk photo with their colleagues. You can even ask them to make it themed if there are special dates involved. 

Be sure to give them some advance notice so they can organize it as they wish. 

Desk tour 360º

This is a variation of the previous game in which the computer is rotated 360º so that the team can see each other’s desks and get to know each other a little better.  

Collaborative playlist

Ask each person to share their favorite song with the others to create a collaborative playlist in one of the most popular platforms. These songs can later be used in other activities, such as memorial videos, etc.

Micro memories

Each person has to summarize their own lifes in 6 words and explain why they chose them. It is a fun activity that works on creativity, synthesis and emotional intelligence.

Emoji movie

A variation of the traditional game of guessing the title of a movie with pantomime, can be practiced remotely with the help of emoji. 

Create 2 teams and work on skills such as competitiveness, creativity, collaboration and communication.

Name 10 things

This virtual team building activity consists of asking a person to name 10 things based on a question such as: What are your 10 favorite names? 

At the end, this person has to suggest another topic to a colleague and so on until the whole team is complete. 

This is a very interesting activity to improve stress management and change the energy of a day that may have been complicated.

9 virtual team building activities you should know

How to prepare online team building activities?

Including virtual team building activities in your HR strategies allows you to reinforce the 5 C’s of teamwork

  1. Complementarity.
  2. Commitment.
  3. Communication.
  4. Confidence.
  5. Coordination. 

If you want to prepare them successfully, we recommend that you take these 6 elements into account: 

  1. Have a good Internet connection. 
  2. Use the same platform for video calls for the whole team. 
  3. Plan the activities by analyzing the resources needed, the time allotted and the objectives to be achieved. 
  4. Communicate the event clearly to create expectations among participants, which will increase participation. 
  5. Designate one person to coordinate the games. 
  6. Have a proctoring system, i.e. an online monitoring system, in case some of the activities need to be evaluated. 

At Smowltech, we offer our clients effective proctoring plans that, thanks to the incorporation of the most innovative tools, provide an agile, adaptable online supervision system that respects the privacy of your users. 

Don’t hesitate to request a free demo so that we can show you all the solutions we can offer you to make your virtual team building activities a success.

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