CIRCE: enhancing sustainable technology transfer

CIRCE tech center has been improving the competitiveness of companies and professionals for more than 30 years through the generation...
14 April 2023

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CIRCE: enhancing sustainable technology transfer

CIRCE tech center has been improving the competitiveness of companies and professionals for more than 30 years through the generation and transfer of technology in the energy and sustainability fields through R&D&i activities and training.

Considering their continued work for sustainable development, it is logical that they have strengthened their commitment to remote certifications through the proctoring tools provided by SMOWL.

And they have done so for one of their most innovative certifications.

SMOWL for the certification of Energy Auditors

The certification for Energy Auditors in Industry and Buildings, for which CIRCE is a pioneer, being the first entity accredited by ENAC (National Accreditation Entity) to provide this certification to professionals, is the program chosen to be proctored by SMOWL.

This program aims to train participants in conducting energy audits in industries and buildings, as well as in implementing an Energy Management System based on the ISO 50.001 standard.

To achieve this, topics such as:

  • Initial assessment of energy supplies
  • Use of building certification tools
  • Analysis of production processes and horizontal technologies
  • Measurement and verification procedures
  • Energy accounting, the technical and economic feasibility of improvement proposals
  • Preparation of audit reports
  • Knowledge of the ISO 50.001 standard and understanding of the elements that make up a Quality Management System.

To complete the certification, CIRCE requires passing an exam that can be taken remotely through SMOWL.

CIRCE team, enhancing sustainable technology transfer

CIRCE’s commitment to technology transfer: proctoring

Like in many organizations, the arrival of the pandemic in 2020 gave a significant (and mandatory) boost to fully digital and remote certifications and evaluations. 

Before that, CIRCE had the standard of conducting tests and exams in their facilities.

Years later, proctoring technology has proven to be an ally in offering certifications to more people, regardless of their geographic location. 

It is also a further step in their commitment to promoting sustainable and environmental development for professionals and institutions, as proctoring helps reduce emissions associated with travel and paper usage.

In addition, it contributes to making certifications more accessible for those who take them, allowing CIRCE to reach more candidates.

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Why choose SMOWL?

As mentioned earlier, CIRCE has used SMOWL for remote exam validation for the above certification. 

According to Susana Puértolas, Market Transfer department technician at CIRCE, one of the main reasons is that it is “the tool that meets the most ENAC requirements” for conducting this type of test.

SMOWL has allowed them to directly verify the environment of the candidates who are taking these exams through SMOWL 360 (webcam monitoring + additional external camera). 

Additionally, SMOWL allows them to supervise the activity on the participant’s computer, ensuring that the tests are carried out safely and reliably.

“Proctoring is a necessary requirement to be able to carry out remote exams and reach more candidates; SMOWL is the tool that best meets these requirements.”

Susana Puértolas, Market Transfer department technician at CIRCE
CIRCE's commitment to technology transfer: proctoring

Users prefer to get their certification remotely

Despite presenting some difficulties for users less familiar with new technologies, this new way of taking exams has convinced CIRCE users, who can now complete the entire process from their province or location.

To help these users, Susana Puértolas indicates that they carry out “a practice exam so that we can verify proper functioning and correct visualization of the environment.”

Likewise, in case of any problem, Puértolas recommends “relying on the human team” of SMOWL.

As you can see, CIRCE is another institution that also believes that proctoring has become an increasingly used and essential solution in all types of certifications.

If you also think the same and want to know how it works, we invite you to try SMOWL for free and discover for yourself all the possibilities that proctoring can bring you.

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