Corporate university: why major companies invest on it

Incorporating a corporate university into your project makes it more competitive and improves the performance of your human capital.  Today’s...
14 May 2024

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Corporate university: why major companies invest on it

Incorporating a corporate university into your project makes it more competitive and improves the performance of your human capital. 

Today’s business world faces challenges such as instability and uncertainty, and requires flexible and adaptable projects. 

To achieve this, companies need to have qualified talent, but also talent that is constantly updated to keep up with market trends

Incorporating a corporate university into your organization can help you achieve this, so in this article we will share with you why major companies are investing in it. 

What is a corporate university?

A corporate university is an entity within a company that manages employee training, that is, the ongoing training of teams by developing training programs based on the needs of the organization.

So, if you are wondering what a corporate university model is, it is, in other words, a corporate training strategy that adopts educational strategies with direct impact. 

The basic objective is to improve the performance of employees who acquire new skills, knowledge and competencies, thus promoting their development within the company. 

In short, it can become an excellent talent management and retention tool.

A corporate university is an entity within a company that manages employee training.

Main characteristics of a corporate university?

The success of these corporate universities lies in their characteristics, which we highlight below: 

  • Structured learning programs. The training is designed to allow the learner to evolve, while at the same time the person progresses through the training, as is the case with a career in traditional universities.
  • Specialization. Learning is a response to specific needs of the company, present or future, in the case of growth areas.
  • Practicality. Corporate university programs must be flexible, allowing employees to develop them at their own pace and without interfering with their work performance. For this reason, many can be completed remotely.
  • Future projection. This type of training has the character of a fixed investment and is designed to equip your human capital with the tools it needs to face the challenges that lie ahead. 
  • Technology integration. The use of Learning Management System (LMS) facilitates the promotion of highly personalized programs and the design of relevant, pertinent and adaptable educational content.  
  • Qualified instructors. In the development of a corporate university, trainers are now of great importance in the design of program content. 

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What is a corporate coach university?

A corporate coach university is a trainer who accompanies employees throughout their learning process in a personalized way so that they can get the most out of it. 

Thus, these figures who use coaching techniques focus on activities such as: 

  • Developing assessment centers adapted to the evaluation of the learner’s performance. 
  • Configuring the content corpus based on learning objectives. 
  • Identifying strategic skills and competencies to improve the relevance of corporate university programs. 
  • Setting up working groups that reinforce each other and improve teamwork skills. 

Corporate university examples

There are many companies with corporate universities, such as Google and Apple. 

Specifically, Google has developed the Googleplex, a complex in Mountain View (Santa Clara, California) aimed at training innovative profiles aligned with its strategic needs. 

Apple, for its part, has a corporate university project that offers its employees recommended courses that reinforce the company culture and increase their potential thanks to a highly qualified teaching staff.

Corporate university: why major companies invest on it

Why create a corporate university? 9 benefits

Implementing a corporate university model in your company offers a number of benefits that justify why large companies invest in it. 

Here are the most important ones. 

Talent retention

The culture of continuous learning encourages employees to acquire power skills that give them an update that improves their employability. 

Talent attraction

Developing a corporate university demonstrates the company’s commitment to the development of its employees. This fact strengthens its employer branding by facilitating the attraction of qualified talent.

Strengthening corporate culture

These corporate training programs become a vehicle for the values, mission and expectations of companies, reinforcing their corporate culture and sense of belonging to the project.

Boosting competitiveness and innovation

Keeping your teams up to date with the needs of the market in which your company operates increases your company’s competitiveness and fosters the acquisition of an innovative and constantly evolving work spirit.

Developing a learning culture

A learning culture that encourages continuous learning creates contexts conducive to the exchange of ideas and the development of skills such as creativity and critical thinking.  

Aligning learning with business objectives

The practical nature of the corporate university immerses the company in a continuous process of analyzing its needs, job descriptions and interdepartmental communication channels. 

All this must be at the service of the strategic objectives for the continuity and development of the project.

There are many companies with corporate universities, such as Google and Apple.

Increasing employee satisfaction

Ongoing training allows employees to acquire a background that is specific to them, allowing them to specialize in areas that respond to real market needs. 

This process increases their satisfaction and motivation, a process that improves their productivity. 

Strengthening team awareness

Training processes strengthen the awareness of work teams, improving relationships between colleagues and increasing their chances of success. 

Increased shareholder value

In addition to all these benefits, the corporate university increases the value of your business project by improving its position in the sector to which it belongs and by stimulating cooperation with suppliers and customers. 

In the information society, it is essential to implement a corporate university digital model to face current and future challenges.

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