Employee engagement: what it is and how to improve it

Employee engagement defines the relationship between an employee and the organization. This engagement can be physical, emotional or cognitive. In...
28 March 2024

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Employee engagement: what it is and how to improve it

Employee engagement defines the relationship between an employee and the organization. This engagement can be physical, emotional or cognitive.

In the evaluation of talent, satisfaction and motivation in the work environment are very relevant because of their relationship with the turnover rate or with a dissatisfaction that affects the productivity of organizations. 

Because of its influence on the management of human capital, in this article we will delve into what is employee engagement and how you can improve it in your project to strengthen your teams.

Employee engagement: what it is and how to improve it

What is employee engagement?

Employee engagement is the way employees define their involvement in the company they work for, taking into account factors such as satisfaction, motivation and enthusiasm. 

However, there are different definitions of what employee engagement is that deep into the concept.

For example, researchers Meyer and Allen defined an employee’s commitment to an organization as a psychological state based on the expectations of each party.

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Thus, engagement is related to 3 components that must be considered to balance the working relationship: 

  1. Physical. The complexity of a task must match the competencies and skills of the individual. 
  2. Emotional. The employee must understand the importance of his work. This will allow him/her to enjoy his accomplishments and face challenges.
  3. Cognitive. Teams focus on their work by understanding the value of the responsibility they are taking on and giving their best to the company.

In terms of employee engagement, Harter, Schmidt and Hayes point out that this is validated when individuals feel connected to others: 

  • They feel connected to others and know they are important to others.
  • They have the material tools and training they need to do their jobs well. 
  • They have access to opportunities to grow and improve within the organization.

Employee engagement as a key to business success

The concept of employee engagement is becoming increasingly important to organizations because it is closely linked to factors such as employee performance, absenteeism or work environment.  

All of these elements affect an organization’s level of productivity, its competitiveness and its ability to retain talent. 

An engaged employee is a very important asset to an organization for all that he or she can contribute. 

Here are some examples of what they can offer: 

  • Fulfills assigned responsibilities.
  • Respects and identifies with the company’s values and mission.  
  • Integrates well with work teams. 
  • Predisposed to continuous improvement. 
  • Their performance is higher. 

Thus, a motivated employee committed to your project is optimistic, collaborative, flexible, passionate about learning and focused on achieving the best results. 

How do you improve employee engagement?

Now that you understand the importance of improving employee engagement, here are some strategies to help you achieve it.

How do you improve employee engagement?

Pay attention to your internal communications and cultivate a feedback culture

Try to develop an internal communication strategy based on respect and inclusion that is clear, transparent and motivating. 

On the other hand, cultivating an environment that encourages feedback allows your employees to feel heard and valued.

You can use the 360-Degree Feedback talent assessment tool to reduce conflict, improve relationships and identify development opportunities. 

Appreciate the work of your teams and recognize their achievements

One of the causes of increased employee turnover rate, especially among talented individuals, is a lack of recognition. 

It is therefore important that you value the work of your teams, for example through a performance recognition program.

Another way to increase employee engagement is to help them develop their career plans

Install the right leadership

This is undoubtedly one of the ways to improve the employee experience

Prioritize inspirational and humanistic styles and types of leadership in management business that foster collaboration and respectful relationships.

Apply the 5 C’s of employee engagement

One of the most effective ways to create balanced, results-oriented, and engaged teams is to apply the 5 C’s of teamwork

  1. Complementarity.
  2. Commitment.
  3. Communication.
  4. Confidence.
  5. Coordination. 

This way of managing work groups emphasizes the common purpose and consolidates personal responsibility for the result. People feel part of the organization’s success.

Employee engagement is the way employees define their involvement in the company.

Employee engagement activities

Team building activities or gamification are techniques widely used in education and are tools that can be used to strengthen employee engagement, in addition to allowing you to evaluate the talent of your human capital.

Employee survey

Include the employee engagement survey in your Human Resources (HR) strategies, a tool that allows you to assess the satisfaction and motivation of your employees. 

In order to achieve a greater impact, it is necessary that it is anonymous and that the environment in which it is developed is calm, secure and guarantees privacy. 

In this sense, our proctoring plans can help you create online spaces that protect the privacy of your users and strengthen the relationship of trust with the company. Request a free demo.

We will show you how we can help you improve employee engagement.

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